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SEO Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is concerned with positioning your website in the natural search or free placement area on the worlds leading search engines.

Davel Emarketing Ltd define Search Engine Optimisation as the process of making your online spaces (branded websites, eCommerce websites, micro sites, social and rich media profiles) visible to your target audience and search engines alike and segment the optimisation core into three distinct areas.

It’s all very well having a website but if no one ever finds it then you may as well have not bothered in the first place. A Davel Emarketing Ltd Search Engine Optimisation review and ongoing program will help your website rise up the search engines and continually attract new visitors.

On Page SEO Optimisation

On page refers to the work we carry out on your website pages to make your website search engine friendly and includes the key phrases at an appropriate density and in the appropriate way for the search engine to give your site more relevancy than others.

  • We may recommend the addition/alteration of text to your website pages.
  • This text is necessary in order for the search engines to associate your pages with your key search phrases.
  • We will also write and add an Optimised Meta Structure and encode your key phrases within it.
  • We will create a Robots text file to your server to instruct the search engine spiders what they can and cannot index.
  • We will also create and add the appropriate sitemaps to your website.
  • We will also recommend you if possible to restructure your website that involve content presentation and clean URls

Search engines work on two major principles:

  • A major part is the text recognition algorithm. If you do not mention the key phrases on the page you will not appear in the listings for that phrase.
  • Keyword density is very important – if you mention keywords too frequently, you may risk your long terms listings. Likewise, not mentioning keywords frequently enough may not have the desired effect. A maximum of 3-6 keywords/search terms per page is best for good search engine results.

The purpose of the On Page aspect of SEO is to get each individual page on your website indexed by Google and the other Search Engine Spiders. It also helps us to spread the Page Rank more evenly throughout the site.

Off Page SEO Optimisation

Davel Emarketing Ltd also provides off-page SEO. This refers to your website status or presence. Google uses other websites linking to your site as a voting system, so the more websites that you have linking to your website the higher you will Rank in the search engines. Link building is a vital element of modern SEO…

…If you lack links, you lack importance.

There are many common mistakes made by SEO companies when obtaining links to your website and the ways in which they generate the links. However, Davel Emarketing Ltd has tried and tested methods of creating ways that websites can link or “vote” for your site. We encourage the use of your keywords as the anchor text for the links and create a well rounded portfolio of links over time.

Google has very clever methods of establishing the use of unethical linking tactics, for example, if you have gained 1000 links to your website overnight or simply gone to every relevant website and paid for a text link advertisement. The key is to have a portfolio of links from a variety of websites, some themed some with good Page Rank, others slightly off theme and sites with a lower Page Rank. We ensure there are no adult or pharmaceutical websites linking to yours and keep in mind that the links generated should look natural. In this way, we help to build links from a variety of types of websites such as blogs, forums, static websites, ecommerce shops and directory sites.

We also look to use a variety of linking methods (dependent on the client and the available budget). This can range from text links to article links in order to give a well rounded and natural link portfolio.

Davel Emarketing Ltd Link Building

Davel Emarketing Ltd have a team of experienced link builders, who will provide Link Building services specifically to promote your businesses in selected country or worldwide.

Link Building is an important part of Search Engine Optimization, and is a practice of getting other websites to link to yours. Link Building with quality backlinks is amongst many important aspects considered by search engines, while determining the rankings of a website. Therefore, creating backlinks is one of the most important tasks you can undertake to promote your website with the Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc).

The Quality of the backlinks depend on genuineness and richness of the content of a particular website which is linking to your website, or which you are linking to. The most significant factor in determining the quality of the links is the relevancy of subject . When you say that a particular link is relevant to your website, its mean that that particular link belongs to a site which is content rich and genuine, and, belongs to the same theme of websites as yours.

In simple words, we try our level best to maintain this thing for our client’s site. Our Link Building techniques are surely white hat,organic and naturally.  We build links for our client’s site and report it weekly in an excel sheet.

We provide quality link with the following criteria :

  • Relevant Links
  • Unique IP Address
  • No involvement of any automated software
  • Weekly Report
  • Experienced Link Team
  • Follow client’s criteria
  • No link farm, FFA and spammer sites.
  • The links will be permanent and not from link spam network.
  • No Black Hat SEO.White Hat Only.
  • Links will be relevant and of high quality.
  • No Links will be from article directories, link farms, forums, spam sites, web
  • rings, gambling, or adult sites, or link directories.
  • No Links will be from social bookmarking sites or from profiles of social sites.