Davel eMarketing

As an Email Marketing Agency in London, we at Davel eMarketing Ltd provide cheap yet effective ways to promote your products and communicate with your customers.

We are experts in developing customized email campaigns that are very flexible and adaptable to your needs. Choose how frequent your emails will be sent out: weekly, monthly, we can even schedule emails for a specific day of a year per customer (perfect for sending a birthday note). Statr a newsletter and inform your clients of new and upcoming products, the latest discounts, and other offers from your company. We can even track how effective your newsletter is in boosting sales by determining if they clicked through to your product from the newsletter.

All these details will be managed by us – no need for you to worry about them. If you have other needs, feel free to talk it over with us. Unlike foreign agencies, we are an email marketing agency based in London; we understand your needs perfectly.

So why would you need an email marketing agency from London to manage email marketing campaigns for you? Here a few reasons:

  • Keep your client updated with information about your products. Foster an atmosphere of repeat purchase.
  • Promote a special offer only available to newsletter subscribers. Differentiate loyal customers and develop customer retention programs.
  • Remind your users about what you do best. Create top of mind awareness in your customers.
  • Build a relationship with your clients. Collect feedback and show them you care.
  • Advertise other sales channels such as brick-and-mortar stores. Build synergy within your sales force.

Contact us and request for a proposal. We are glad to hear from you.