Davel eMarketing

Affiliate Marketing

Davel eMarketing Ltd is also an Affiliate Marketing Agency from London. Our staff have decades of combined experience in bringing together merchants and affiliates. Affiliate marketing is often overlooked by online advertisers because of the complexities involved in tracking merchant and affiliate campaigns. As an affiliate marketing agency in London, we feel that providing affiliate marketing services will give you the edge in promoting your products.

We are very flexible with the charging system we can use for merchants and affiliates, and can design for you a custom charging mechanism should traditional ones fail to meet your needs.

  • Revenue sharing (cost per sale). This is just the traditional commission-based concept adapted for online sales. Your affiliates will get a certain percentage from each sale of your product.
  • Cost per action. Have your affiliates drive traffic into your pages. They will only get paid if they lead potential customers into your site; this is their incentive for advertising your product.
  • Link exchange. Your site will be advertised in various other sites and as a result will gain more exposure.

Through the years we saw how the Web had evolved. From static pages, to dynamic content, to full blown Web 2.0 applications, advances in Information Technology open up new opportunities to send your message across. As Internet technologies mature, we believe that collaboration will become the driving force behind its development. If you’re from the UK, keep Davel eMarketing Ltd in mind when looking for an affiliate program. An affiliate marketing agency from London is exactly what you need.