Davel eMarketing

Davel Emarketing Ltd has developed into the leading Search Engine Marketing Agency in the United Kingdom (Crawley). Our Organic Search Engine Optimisation techniques, coupled with our first class Pay Per Click service make us the natural choice clients.

Why Davel Emarketing Ltd?

Not only do we have the best Search Engine Optimisation team in the UK, we are also home to some of the leading lights of Paid (Pay Per Click) Search. We provide PPC, SEO, email marketing, social media, and affiliate marketing services to all kind of business.



Our ethos lies in building a close relationship between our clients and ourselves. This way our clients make sure they achieve their business and marketing objectives and we deliver a cracking campaign that will make our rivals green with envy.


We pride ourselves on not only getting to know our clients and their brands, but also analysing their competition – this ensures that we truly understand our client’s needs and that we can evaluate how best to communicate this.

Customer relationship management

Understanding and segmenting your customers through the use of (CRM) Customer Relationship Management, allows us to make sure that the right person receives the right message. This has a direct impact on awareness and, most importantly, response.


We work closely with our clients to analyse their existing marketing collateral and its performance. After an initial scoping phase, a marketing communications (marcoms) plan is drawn up, setting business and marketing objectives for the campaign.


Upon completion, we’ll constantly monitor and evaluate every aspect of our work’s progress. This way we can make recommendations to improve the work, so that we can either drive awareness or response.

Your Account manager will keep you updated with regular reviews and present analysis of campaign data and feedback. So, as soon as we know, you’ll know.


Ways in which we measure your customers’ responses and subsequently how well the campaign is performing include open rates, click through and sign-up. Our analysis is the equivalent to looking over your customer’s shoulder as they receive a piece of direct mail or thumb through a magazine. We can tell exactly what grabbed their attention or what sent them to sleep.



Email marketing

We strive to produce highly creative emails with attention grabbing subject lines and impressionable calls to action, but this is only the half of it. Once completed, we then work out the most effective target for these emails. And before we can put our feet up and admire our handy work, we analyse how well it was received.

Website design and build

When we create websites we don’t just build pretty brochures, we make sure they have a function too. We realise that the very best sites are tools to capture customer details and build up mailing lists.

And, because we know things can become dated very quickly, we build our sites with the ability to be changed when necessary.

Viral Marketing Campaigns

It’s a proven fact that we love to share what we find on the net. Whether it’s jokes, video clips, games or special offers, we just can’t help but pass them on.

Viral marketing utilises this fact. It can promote an offer, build a database, and even propel a brand from obscurity to global fame. Once our viral campaigns have been kick-started, media planning and distribution ensure that the momentum is maintained.

Online promotion

Our online promotions drive our Client’s sales. Whether an instant win, a referral campaign, a game or a voucher.

Data collection

Our mission is to enhance the relationship between our client’s brands and their consumers, by building fantastic databases. Every data capture opportunity is considered strategically to initiate this exchange. You’ll soon see how powerful a communications and management device data capture truly is.

Contact Davel eMarketing for a FREE, no obligation analysis of your website and requirements. We offer you the best service, support and more comfortable experience with both the development of your website and the eMarketing of it.